In a healthy body – healthy mind!

White Dream Center – a high level of physical and mental health training and training center on Ylläs against the background of the beautiful nature of Lapland. Under the guidance of top coaches, athletes and professionals you learn to relax more and enjoy the sport. Become familiar with different types of vehicles rolling, you’ll learn more on how to

practice and you will improve your physical condition quickly and safely. You will also learn to love nature, and Lapland, which calms and enriches you at all times of the year. Ylläs also provides a variety of services available to you. If you wish,  you can order special program for you personally.

The program of individual service

Share your thoughts and disires and in White Dream Center, we’ll find  for you a suitable program and also for your company or organization. The main themes of our activities are sport and physical activity, healthy eating and active living for each day. Education and advice individually, as well as training programs for groups.

Comfortable accommodation in the White Dream Center At your disposal there are two fully equipped apartments (136 m2 and 66 m2), a gym and auditorium. The apartment has Internet access. As required, we will be able to book additional accommodation for larger groups. Please send any requests for additional information on placement and training programs.

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